There was another name that time forgot…

Source: The New York Times

Everyone’s Talking about Greta Today

And they should be. What she’s done — what she’s doing — is not a small thing.

It’s courageous.
It’s important.
It’s so much more than most people are doing.

And in a week, or a month, or a year, it won’t matter.
Not to those with the power to really exact universal changes.

Not to white men in white robes.

“She’s just a child”, they’ll say. “She doesn’t really understand the way things work.”

They’ll be wrong. And it won’t matter.

Because folks, we’ve been right here before. Only no one seems to be talking about that.

I know…

Because you’re not making any sense whatsoever.

I’ve been following the news as closely as I am currently able without a flare-up of hopelessness, which I’m avoiding because it could trigger a brand new bout of suicidal depression, from which I’m not sure I would emerge intact ever again. However, even from my half-ostrich view over here, it’s hard to ignore all the anti-abortion “heartbeat” legislation being drafted in restless (and maybe premature?) anticipation of a Roe-v-Wade reversal from the US Supreme Court.

Now. Please spare me the automatic spewing of predictable, hateful rhetoric; I have already memorized the anti-abortion playbook — the one that wants to…

So they don’t make me give back my adulting badge.

  1. Putting lotion on my feet after a shower and walking from the bathroom to the living room without twisting an ankle or having the irresistible urge to rip the skin off the soles of my feet.

(To clarify, I mean without socks. Because my bathroom is bound to have some wet spots after a shower. And the only thing worse than walking on freshly lotioned feet — SHUDDER — is walking on freshly lotioned feet under dry socks and stepping on the wet spot. Besides, my mom never needed socks after she lotioned her feet. She just took off like…

Or, How could De Niro’s blurt be bad when it feels so good?

Back in mid-2016, when the world had yet to completely break me, I left Facebook (mostly-I still shopped there once in awhile), so I could stay intact through what was on the horizon. The last straw for me was watching people I cared about trying to eviscerate each other on social media over a political race destined to elect one more person who couldn’t possibly have any idea what their actual lives were like, from up there on their gilded thrones. It was witnessing our broken political system manifest grotesquely, and begin to devour itself from the inside out. We…

it’s funny because i can’t fucking believe there are people who think this is a good idea

(Disclaimer: No amendments were amended or repealed during the changing of our minds about things we thought differently about before we realized things needed to change.)

Crazy person putting poison in medicine bottles and putting them back on the shelf where people bought them and took the pills and died. Widespread panic.
the problem:
some people suck and have no problem going to the store and tampering with stuff they know will be ingested just because they had a bad day and want to make other people suffer
the solution:
Product recall followed by new tamper-proof packaging.

(Imagine that… something didn’t work well and people were dying because of it so the folks who made it pulled the whole mess out of stores and CHANGED the…

Lesson (circa 1977)

So. It’s been damned near a year since we lost my dad. Some days, I can’t believe that much time has passed. Other days, I feel like he’s been gone much longer. Dad dying forced me to face my own mortality. I never realized I was so scared of so many things regarding death. It also helped me to realize how badly I want to live.

Mostly, I’m grateful that he and I had finally started to like each other there at the end. But, I have regrets. He knew so much about so many things. So much knowledge died…

(or at the very least engage in an illicit affair)

Come on, Medium. Step it up.

See how tuned in to my likes Quora is? There’s really no contest.

In case anyone was wondering.

❤, Alexainie

Get’n my hair did and had a minute to send a note.

Hi! First let me say, y’all are doing a great job! However, I have a question regarding my feed. Or maybe it’s a suggestion. Maybe I’m just insane. Or the bleach is messing with my head…but,

Every day, the top of my feed (on Android app) updates throughout the day; sometimes upon opening, sometimes when I refresh. This is a good thing. However, the REST of my feed seems to lay stagnant for days or weeks at a time. Is there something I’m doing wrong that keeps stories I have already read...heck, sometimes MEMORIZED...static on my page?

If I want…

On being a girl in 2017

Image via Pixabay

“Mom? What do you think about all the chatter going around about Harvey Weinstein? Don’t you find it awfully suspicious the way ALL OF A SUDDEN and ALL AT ONCE, tons of women are saying he assaulted them? I mean, why wouldn’t any of them have spoken up before now, if it was really true?”

— Alaina, 15 years-old , October 11th, 2017


The pregnancy books tell us babies can hear sounds outside the womb at around 18 weeks gestational age, and that most begin to respond in various ways somewhere between 25–27 weeks. If most mothers-to-be are anything like…


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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