You wanna know what? I would NEVER have an abortion. JUST SO WE ARE CLEAR.

But I know this: it takes two irresponsible people to accidentally make a baby. Only one to bring it from conception to birth, at great personal sacrifice and cost. And that one isn’t you. You are obsessively focused on the individual here, and interestingly enough, not focused on the child beyond delivery. But every individual has her own reason, and her own story. And you DONT HAVE ANY WAY OF KNOWING WHAT THAT IS.

Do I wish every human being on earth practiced safe sex and no accidental people ever got created? Sure.

But I don’t live in fantasyland with the unicorns and the bouncing babies who are loved and cherished and never born addicted to heroin or flushed down toilets by their 13 year-old mothers AND fathers.

Addicts make poor choices under the influence all the time. My personal choice aside, if a 14 year old or an addict or a rape victim or a developmentally disabled person OR ANY OTHER WOMAN accidentally gets pregnant with a child she cannot possibly care for, I believe she should be able to choose not to carry that baby to term and I will fight until I’m dead for her to have that right. Because it is a shitty thing to have to do, but what is REALLY selfish is forcing all of those women to bring unwanted children into the world. And unless you are willing to take responsibility for those kids…heck…I would be happy if you took responsibility for EVEN ONE, you, with all your big talk of this sweepingly generalized solution to an entirely complex problem that you, frankly, will NEVER EVEN HAVE TO DEAL WITH ALL BY YOURSELF…you should really just stay the hell out of it.

Women who want abortions will always find ways to have them. Delegalizing safe abortions is just about as selfish and irresponsible as you seem to find the act itself.

Grow up. Things are just not that simple.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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