You really dont get it. You probably voted for trump after the “grab ‘em by the pussy" fiasco because you don’t care about his morals, just that he whips this country into shape!!

Because you clearly don’t get it. I honestly wouldn’t have vilified Kavanaugh for something stupid he did as a kid. I hate how many of us were treated by many guys like him in the ’80s and ’90s but it was a different time. I know a few guys who were jackasses in college who grew up to be perfectly acceptable humans.

This was not that.

The man in that Senate hearing never grew up. He’s a petulant manchild who has no business sitting in the seat he so clearly feels he’s entitled to. Not because of who he was then, but because of who he is now.

He could have denied the accusation and maintained proper decorum. Staying level-headed but steadfast might have justified his confirmation. Instead, he threw a tantrum. His reaction, just as much as her testimony, made a believer out of me.


And Trump has no business running a country made up of almost exactly 50% women, given his completely ridiculous treatment towards them. Because the character of the President of the United States DOES matter. No matter his politics. And because he’s got no idea what he’s doing. And because his primary purpose is to be adored, and to punish those who fail to adore him.

Honestly, I cant think of ANYONE fit for the job, but I can think of many better suited. The fact is, it is too much power for any one person. No one can succeed. It just goes back and forth…we hate the guy in the White House because he can’t do the job so we overcorrect next time and that guy can’t do it either, ad infinitum. And this guy spends the first 4 years totally undoing what the last guy did and the next four doing the opposite which isnt enough time to make anything work before the next guy takes over on a platform promising not to suck as much as the last guy and it starts all over again. No headway ever gets made. It isn’t working. I despise Trump the human. But the truth is, no one would be making us happy. Because it’s lose-lose.

No. Kavanaugh being confirmed is not evidence of the system working. It is ABSOLUTELY evidence of the system being broken. probably, judging by your post, irreparably. The most crucial attribute of a Supreme Court justice is impartiality. YOU get to rail against liberals, or Democrats, or women, or idiots, all you want to. I get to do that.


And he did, on broadcast television, directly to the Senate Judicial Committee. He flat out accused the Democrat party of conspiring against him, trying to redirect the focus somewhere else. Completely baseless accusation, in my opinion, but even if by some stretch it wasn’t,he was totally out of order.



This is not all about sniveling women. This is about a few elite men AND women with entirely too much power over a nation, the majority of whose lives those few can’t possibly understand-- and a system that has gone so far off the rails that the elite few don’t even have to allow anyone else a voice anymore. And that even when they do allow that voice, they aren’t in touch enough to hear it.

So, newsflash:

It’s not a gender issue. Not for the most part.

They don’t give a single shit about you, either.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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