WTF so it’s just no big deal that our PRESIDENT admittedly sexually harasses and assaults women? (again, he was pretty clear about that fact, and that admission/boast may have been a few years back but do you REALLY think, considering the way he publicly personally insults and demeans any woman who dares disagree with him, that he has fundamentally changed?)

I mean, that’s just fine and dandy with you? What? As long as he doesn’t penetrate them with his actual penis (and that could just mean it doesn’t work, btw), we should just feel so safe knowing that legions of men cheer him on every time he calls another woman nasty, or minimizes or silences another woman for having the considerable courage to call his behavior out.

It’s funny you should bring up Clinton, as though everyone just ignored what he had done. You know, the president who was held accountable for his indescretions and forced out of the White House..

See, this is the whole problem. If a man (or woman) at my workplace was overheard talking about how they used to just walk up to the high school interns and grab them by the pussy because their status allowed them to get away with it, that person would be fired on the spot.

But Trump has you people so brainwashed you’re out here defending him because he’s JUST a sexual harasser of women.

Like sexual harassment is nothing of consequence. Like poor Trump is such a victim for being made to listen to the recounting of HIS OWN ACTIONS.

No man should get away with serial sexual harassment, even though far too many do. But the president is held to a higher standard than us plebes, and the fact that you, a man, are all “jesus stfu it was just harassment, no biggie, you’re all overreacting, nothin to see here, what about way worse Clinton, who did something worse and paid dearly for it a hundred years ago already, let’s talk about that since hes no longer a politician and wields zero political power anymore because THAT’S THE SAME THING AS THIS, just shows me once more in what low regard so many men hold women today.

We are both victims and targets.

Deaf and mute.

Inconsequential, and unnecessary.

Dramatic, and hysterical

That is how you see us, when you bother to see us at all.

We are the ones who should put up and shut up if we are lucky enough to only be grabbed or fondled or kissed, because at least no one poweful forced a cock inside us. Now, THAT might be something to cry about.

We should all just start a gratitude list so we remember how lucky we were to get through another day with zero being raped.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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