Well…I can’t help but point out that this was in response to a satirical article, and as such, is not meant to be serious but hyperbolic. So, I guess that is what YOU seem to have missed.

If you had read anything serious I’ve said on the subject, you’d know that I live in Alaska and am very pro-gun, as a large portion of our populace hunts for subsistence, or live in areas off the road system where guns are a necessity for survival.

And, as I’m aware of how silly it would be to try and limit gun ownership to only those who meet my personal criteria of what necessitates purchasing a gun, I don’t support taking guns from anyone. What i DO support is a reasonable vigilance on the part of the gun seller, and a reasonable demonstration of mastery and knowledge of the weapon of purchase, as well as a clean record, on the part of the gun buyer.

Yes, people will always find a way to kill each other, about that you are right. Cars are a good example (although they not synonymous with guns, as many try to suggest). Car accidents are a major cause of fatalities in our country and that’s not likely to change as long as there are cars…and please don’t lecture me about self-driving cars, i’m just trying to make a point). Taking people’s guns won’t change that. It also won’t change all the deaths from poisons (not sure those are statistically significant, though) or bombs (again, statistically…) or trucks into crowds (and i repeat…).

adding steps to the process that might weed out certain types of people trying to buy a weapon; adding barriers that are only barriers if you can’t demonstrate basic competence or lack of a violent past; well…it sure won’t make gun violence WORSE.

Regarding Amendment #2 — as with the rest of the Constitution, I have a great respect for the 2nd Amendment. But I am also willing to acknowledge the fact that it lacks some clarity in that the language used holds different meaning in the context of the current social and political climate than it did when it was written, and as such, the verbiage becomes open to interpretation. No one on this earth can be absolutely certain how the forefathers intended those words to be understood and carried out centuries down the line. We all just do the best that we can with it, and I doubt a consensus will ever be reached.

About locking people up for life after a violent offense, I offer the same argument thrown at me all the time regarding gun violence, because it has merit even when i’m on the other side of the argument and wish it didn’t.

Sure, great, lock them up. But many school shooters are committing that first violent act when they walk into that school with a gun. So, the problem of THEM is still not addressed.

And i don’t promise gun control will solve anything, either. Hell, you can make a weapon from scratch, out of individual parts that are all legal to purchase, by watching a YouTube video. So i don’t know how long purchasing a gun will even be necessary to acquire one.

The only point i was trying to make is that i bet if it were Trump’s grandkid or Ryan’s kid who got shot at school, those guys would have a sudden change of heart. They are so far removed from the rest of us, they can’t even comprehend what life in Normal, America looks like from where they sit.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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