Watching Elizabeth Gilbert give the Hummingbird talk was absolutely a defining moment in my life. I, too — literally 50/50 left/right brained, ambidextrous, involved in everything but could never decide on one thing to direct my life towards — felt like there was something wrong with me. Like I didn’t know how to be an adult, because ADULTS KNEW WHO THEY WERE.

And I did not.

From when I was very young and couldn’t decide on tap, ballet, jazz, or gymnastics so mom enrolled me in all 4, to high school precision dance, swing choir, orchestra, photography, theater, martial arts, academia…I’ve always had varied interests, several at the same time, and I was good at all of them..but none ever saw me singled out as the top performer. I enjoyed being a cog in the wheel that created beautiful things, but I detested being the center of attention. No solos for me. 2nd chair, 2nd violin thank you very much. One left of center of the kick line. Alto/Harmony…in the chorus of Grease and Bye Bye Birdie. Salutatorian of my graduating class. So on top of never being able to figure it out, I also always felt I wasn’t that great at anything I did. I didn’t take into account how much of it was purposely manufactured.

My high school counselor had a better term for me than jack-of-all-trades. He called me a “renaissance woman”.

It’s taken me a lot of years to recognize how well he’d pegged me, way back then. I wish I’d taken it to heart then instead of punishing myself for so long.

Anyway, I’ve babbled on…just wanted to say


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.