Top on Medium today is a “how to cheat the system” tutorial focused on tricking a ticket-sales site into categorizing you a fan (and therefore someone eligible to purchase a ticket) by faking user activity. Somehow, I can’t help but flash back to endless talk about Russia and voter tampering and feel a little sick about what passes for “trending” in America today.

And then I accidentally find my way to your article. This is important, groundbreaking stuff, and yet, no one is reading it. But if they were, you can bet your ass you would be fielding a bunch of angry, accusatory responses because sad as it is, it seems my country of origin is unready to admit defeat in a war it fights with itself, by first passing judgment on itself, then sentencing itself, and finally, condemning itself.

Forget history as a predictive analytical tool; TODAY is the day we will surely succeed and finally eradicate the crushing enemy of addiction. We will achieve this goal by changing absolutely nothing and continuing on the same path we started down during the Reagan years because…well…well, it’s a numbers game, don’t you know? We can’t fuck it up forever! The odds have just GOT to be in our favor.

I can feel the winds of change…

the cure is almost here.

Yeah. Sure thing, Einsteins of America.

God help us all. Stupid, close-minded parents and children of non-addicted people, who wouldn’t know a solution for the opioid epidemic if it shot them in the freaking kneecaps, are going to end us.

Seriously considering Portugal as an alternative right now. :(

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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