This is perfect. I was amazed this year that my daughter’s teacher didn’t even mention Christopher Columbus on Columbus Day ( God it pains me to even type that). I thought that by now they would be teaching something different in history than what I was taught-what a great explorer he was. How he traded beads with the Indians and taught them to be 'civilized”. Brought Catholicism to the Heathens. Gave them GOD. My Papa’s grandmother got to Oklahoma by way of the Trail of Tears. Her name was Hattie O. The natives all had to sign on roll call lists and be counted. They were starved, and beaten, and driven from their homes. Hattie was raped and gave birth to my great grandmother, a half white child. I don’t think she was more than 16.

Even so, I grew up white. I have my father’s Irish coloring. My brother is dark like my mom. I didn’t get called names. Kids always thought my brother was Mexican ( we lived near the border in New Mexico).

When I moved to rural Alaska almost 20 years ago to run a boarding home for troubled high school girls, I learned the similar plight of the Alaska Native tribes. Only for them, it was the Russians who came and robbed them of their culture, and their languages, and their spiritual beliefs.

More white men, though. And the alcoholism, and drug abuse, and incest and sexual and physical violence is out of control. Suicide, too.

We are a selfish, prideful, blind breed, white people. We think we own the world and all we did was rape and pillage and plunder and STEAL IT and you’re so right, never an acknowledgement, or an apology. At least not one that mattered.

We are the original. We just decided we had to have it and to hell with those who came before.

Thank you for this well written, comprehensive nugget of truth you laid down today.

I always need to be reminded.

A few years ago I realized I had tuned out history in school because I knew it was bullshit. I contacted a historian friend of mine who pointed me to some (more) true historical texts and the actual historical facts are so humbling and ego-crumbling and absolutely what I’m teaching my children since they get nothing but whitewashed fiction at school.

Which is another subject altogether.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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