This. Is. Awesome.

I, too, am grappling with the knowledge that my mother, whom I adore more than anyone on this earth save perhaps my kiddos, voted Cheeto Fetushands into office. Unlike your parents, she is deeply ashamed of this fact and would never, ever talk politics on Facebook.

Mom hates Hillary. Like, to an unhealthy extent. She was a Bernie fan. (We all were.) She kept evading whenever I brought the subject up on the phone. Finally I just said, “Mom, relax. I know you voted for Trump.”

It was good to relieve the pressure. Unlike your folks, she is terrified now that she sees him conducting “business as usual”. She’s not sorry she didn’t vote for Hilary, though. She just wishes she hadn’t voted at all. I tell her that wouldn’t have made a difference. And truthfully, she lives in Oklahoma. Oklahoma would vote Republican if …well, if Trump was on the ticket.

Yeah. I couldn’t think of anyone worse.

Mom requires a certain light touch or she shuts down and goes for a boat ride on denial…43 years married to my dad, who is easily the most toxically narcissistic abusive asshole on planet Earth-think Trump but poor-has honed this defense mechanism to a fine point.

So I ease in with her…I ask what she thought a man who bragged about assaulting women would do for women from the White House. I ask her if that is the atmosphere she wants her granddaughter growing up in. I ask her what, specifically, Hillary could have done that would be more damaging than promoting rape culture.

I don’t bring race up, yet. I’m working up to that. Mom is coming to terms with the knowledge that she harbors long-standing racist ideations she just recently became aware of. I’m letting her process that before I charge her. She is willing to change, but she won’t be forced. Until then, I’m trying to lead by example.

She taught 2nd grade for 32 years. I can bring up Trump’s behavior towards those with disabilities and make a dent. I don’t have to convince her, though. That’s the difference. She knows she made a mistake.

But I know she can’t be the only one who needs to be woke…my relatives are in Texas and Oklahoma, man! There are bound to be plenty. And I never use Facebook. Didn’t long before the election. So I hesitate to reemerge just to call them out. I fear that particular dialogue might be becoming deafening to the point where it ceases to be effective. Since I live thousands of miles from any family, though, you may be right. It might be the only shot I have to sway them…

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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