That was such a gorgeous response. I wanted to point out my most favorite passages but Sherry Caris scribbled all over everything already, so rather than second your second, I’ll just say some stuff you each already said with slightly different phrasing and accept any credit thrown my way (lol).

I know that there are people who make their living with the pen, and I respect that. It is a bloody bare knuckle existence until you, if you’re lucky, claw your way out of the vast ocean where the majority of working writers settle in, and throw your hat into the fray.

I respect that. And I admire the Hell out of every one of you, because you knew the deal and you dove in anyway.

Maybe one day I’ll even join you but right now, I stand with Jules on this.

Medium has given me a place and for a long time, I haven’t had one. And because of the amazing community I find myself immersed in, I feel safe enough to write openly and honestly about some things that are not easy to write about.

I am going to say that again, for all of you sisters who have lived quietly for fear of retribution, or suffered the aftermath of horrific abuse in silence because no one who wasn’t part of your personal Hell understood. And you couldn’t talk to them.

I tiptoed my first story about the bad stuff; cloaked it in fictional characters and pretend events and non-existent places, but the feelings stayed the same and no one hurt me when I was finished.

Medium has given me a tribe. And I wouldn’t trade it for currency, no matter the amount.

Also I want to keep writing but I’m on my phone and have really lost track of this post. I may never get used to technology. ☺

I don’t know what all of the bashing is about (beyond what I’ve just learned), but if he’s Medium, then I’m Team Ev.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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