Thanks, Caleb Ramsby. You may have noticed I’m in quite a writing drought…this thread was actually a really helpful exercise for me, just to get more than 20 words down on a single topic.

It’s been quite frustrating. But as always, moving the words in my head to the page helped me to solidify my thoughts and feelings about the things our president is doing and saying.

As a life-long receiver of narcissistic abuse (if my dad had any money, he could literally BE Donald Trump. So this stuff he’s doing and saying is sort of business as usual in my world), I am in an almost constant state of hypervigilance in regards to my perception of reality. As a child, and later, a wife, I was constantly being told that what I was experiencing and how I understood it was at worst all in my head, and at best a misunderstanding. So I find myself in a state of self-doubt regarding my interpretation of the presidents words and actions.

Writing it all out this way really validated for me that the reality I am experiencing is not just me being paranoid, or negative, or unfairly biased against Trump because of the parallels between him and my own father.

And, to be fair, though I definitely had a sense of this Medium member poking the bear and stirring the pot intentionally, they also never crossed the line from stating their opinion (which is their prerogative whether I share it or not) into beating me over the head with mine.

I didn’t feel attacked or threatened. If I had, I would not have engaged the “flame away” comment in their first response.

I am really trying to listen to other viewpoints regarding the POTUS, in hopes that I might understand better the various mentalities who seem to think he’s the cat’s meow. Because I SURE can’t figure it out on my own, and only engaging those who agree with me.

All of this said, I really, really appreciate that you care enough to chime in when you think I may be in a sticky situation. :) Thank you.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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