Apr 16, 2016

1 min read

I don’t want the list to be a workaround we have to use because there isn’t a more intuitive option. And i know it doesn’t exist and that this is the best we can do at the moment. I just find that it’s best to be clear, as end users, about the look and feel we hope the designers will evolve into. Anyway, it’s not a big deal to me (though I’m sure it seems that way by now lol); I’ll create a page like yours when I get the time to focus on that.

Thanks. As you see, I’m not that worried about it. This just turned into a much longer conversation than I’d intended because Danna and I were not operating at the same frequency. I’ll make one when I have some time to dedicate to doing so. :)

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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