:( surgery is the shits. seriously, they really screwed the pooch with that one on so many levels.

modern medicine can be a wonderful gift. but there are a great many surgeons convinced that their special surgery is the magic answer. they don’t look beyond the area to be sliced into. and if people could be sectioned off like that, then surgery would be a one-size fits all option.

but they can’t. a person is so much more than the corporeal body (and I’m not getting all angel-y or anything lol)…everyone starts with that body and then they add a life, and the life never gets entered into the equation.

my parents both had the exact same back surgery 30-something years ago, within 6 months of one another. Mom, who is an inherently goal-oriented, get-it-done kind of person who heals quickly and so on and so forth, has never looked back.

Dad has had something like 17 surgeries since that first one. 9 of them were piggybacked on one another to ‘fix’ whatever the previous surgery ‘broke’.

Surgery hands-down turned my father into an even worse narcissist than he already was, and a lifelong victim (with a valid reason, which makes it SO FUCKING IRRITATING) in constant pain.

I can get past it all, though, because if anyone ever deserved that kind of burden, it was him.

however, i’m pretty sure that had they taken the time to look at my parents holistically rather than as two identical disembodied spinal x-rays , they might have decided to try an alternative treatment for my dad. and it would have changed his entire life. Because the original injury was one easily treatable with exercise and acupuncture and massage/chiro. but it sure escalated quickly.

sorry, went off on a rant.

I really, really hope you don’t need surgery again. I hope they can find another way. But, knowing you, you have left no stone unturned. :(

I’m so sorry.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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