So, I’m Switzerland

Every, single time. I know it may sound overly-emotive to some, but in just a short time, I’ve come to regard a handful of writers here as a sort of family. As part of my tribe. We are tribe of misfit warriors, banding together against hatred and xenophobia; shedding the tattered rags of our collective past to right wrongs and dispel lies through truth. In my mind’s eye, we sometimes wear capes and perform miracles.

I lead a rich fantasy life. Also, I may be spending a little too much time watching Marvel and Justice League movies with my son.

I have to remember that this is a group that I’ve assembled in my head. To me, each person seems interconnected with the others. But I realized today that some members of my imagined group may not even be aware of other members. Sometimes, I assign connections where there are none. I suppose that as a dataphile, I should try and be more careful of this in the future.

In any imaginary family/tribe, there are bound to be occasional bones of contention, and I feel like something happened today that I’m not sure I completely understand. I thought everyone was just having a friendly discussion. I was making jokes. But I read a little further in and saw that people were hurt, or offended. I seriously doubt that was the intended purpose of the article; I think like many things I read here, the intent was just to process some personal goings-on. I suppose that can get dicey when the goings-on are going on here.

Anyway, I got immediately uncomfortable and got the fuck out of there, fast; lest I unintentionally offend any members of my beloved tribe. I ran. Which is what I always do.


I like you all and I can find value in some part of everyone’s point of view. I think there’s merit in all sides of the equation. — Wimpy-Assed ME

I hate bones of contention. Coming from what I did, where no matter what, I could not win — or if I did, it was never, ever acknowledged — and the penalty for losing was steep, any discord can literally induce an anxiety attack in me if I allow it. I avoid getting into it if at all possible.

I acknowledge that there are times when I forget that my truth is not everyone’s truth. But I’m pretty sure that there are some subjects where, though the truth may not be absolute, perversion of the truth is undeniable. So for those things, I’ll fight.

I’ll fight for a life. I’ll fight truly evil things. And even though it makes me deeply uncomfortable, tribe, if any one of you ever needs someone to stand up with you, there in your corner, I will do it.

Disclaimer: In the unlikely event of a tribe member occupying more than one corner, this offer is first come, first-served. ;)

But I have decided it’s time for me to bite the bullet and get out into the fray…or at least dip my toe into it. I guess what I’m trying (and mostly failing) to say is,

I don’t want to be full-tilt Switzerland anymore. Maybe just SWITZERLAND-ISH

Baby steps. ❤



I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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