So I read some of your pieces and have a couple of questions, because you remind me a lot of myself.

You commented on an article about a POC who made a statement about why she was not currently interested in making white friends. You out right called her a racist. Okay. You are certainly entitled to your opinion. But I want to remind you she never said she was ending her long term friendship. She said she trusted that person precisely because of that relationship.

I also read that you are an abuse survivor. Also that you loved an addict(s?)

If you now refused to date someone say, in recovery, because of the potential for relapse, as an act of self-protection--are you wrong?

If you pushed men away or self-sabotaged relationships because of the trauma you suffered, does that make you a man hater? A bitch? Even if you did none of those things, if someone else did would you think they were sexist? Militant feminists? Just wrong?

Or would you be able to see how their experience had shaped their decisions and therefore be able to regard them with love and tolerance?

If a black woman feels traumatized by her life experience and interaction with white people to the degree that she chooses to put distance between herself and them, how is that different?

Do you deny that racism (white on black) exists in this country?

Can you acknowledge that regardless of your personal feelings about it, it still occurs and it’s bigger than just you? Can you accept that fear and anger some black Americans are voicing about this racism has legitimacy?

It’s systemic abuse. How can it not affect the actions and outcomes related to it just as any abuse affects any person?

And why did this piece get you riled enough to disrupt your patterns of writing about love and addiction and abuse to publicly state your innocence on a stranger’s post?

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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