Seriously? Let me know how this pamphlet makes you feel. I have a feeling your answer will be “warm and fuzzy”. If you still think we’ve all come up through the same experiences to get where we are today, and if you still believe feminism is just some excuse for us gals to get ourselves all gussied up and be hit on all night by awesome, rich, hot men, and then (just for shits and giggles), turn all those a-listers on the “perfect partner” circuit down and then cry, “Harassment!” and get them all in trouble because we’re girls and we CAAAANNNN, then seriously, you can fuck off.

I don’t do any of the above. I raise two kids, and work my ass off, and pay my bills, and barely fucking scrape by and never once have I turned down a good guy. Never once have I batted my eyelashes so some man would come rescue me, only to turn around and complain that I wanted equal rights.

I have a male friend who is handy at about everything. When something breaks, I ask him to teach me to fix it so the next time, I don’t have to ask anyone.

Pretty sure I could out-guy YOU.

So stop assuming we’re all just fragile flowers who want “our cake and eat it too.”

And stop assuming that all things are equal. Because THEY ARE NOT.

or do whatever you want to do because I DON’T GAF.

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