You asked a question. I attempted to answer it as best I could. I did not insult or criticize you.

Do you mean you’re just not going to comment on anything or about this topic? I leave topics all the fact I had left this one until your question showed up in my feed.

But it sort of sounds like you feel wronged in some way because other people feel differently about this than you do.

Just because two people have different opinions about something does not mean either are right or wrong.

This is not that sort of thing.

It isn’t black and white. If you want to make it so, then No. There is no law against letting a stranger have it just because you don’t appreciate their tone.

If that is who you want to be--someone who runs around doing ugly things to people who did nothing to you, just because it’s not against the rules and so you can, be my guest. .

I choose differently. Not perfectly. Just differently.

Anyway I got sidetracked. I hope you don’t mean to stop participating in discussions altogether.

Your “I left Facebook over it” comment leads me to believe that you might tend to take things personally that aren’t meant to be. If you ask a question, and receive multiple answers, it is a good sign that you are part of a community that gives enough of a crap about you to address your concerns.

If you ask a question with the sole purpose of cleverly showing us the errors in our thinking and that is not what happens, welcome to reality.

I have rarely if ever changed someone else’s mind, and I almost NEVER try to convince or explain.

It’s almost always pointless.

You just seemed genuinely curious.

But were you?

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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