People should say how they feel, if they need to. A McEnnis knows I don’t begrudge her that. I’m just saying that the subject is too painful for me to let my guard down and share it knowing that anyone on the Internet has the power to challenge me about it, or shame me, or call me a liar or a whore. I can usually take a punch, but not about this.

they have the right to react to my story any way they want to; that’s life. but this is not a subject I can handle defending.

just one more thing: you said, “I don’t think she’s invalidating the true stories.”

Now, see…which ones are those, exactly?

Do you get my point here?

I made a decision not long after I started using this site. If I felt like someone was full of shit…like just flat out inventing lives full of horrific experiences clearly to stir up drama on the board…I would just block them. Otherwise I get spun up into the conversation and with people like that, you can’t win. Everyone gets all wacked out and this place turns into something scary and unfamiliar. Maybe it’s cowardly, but I get them the hell out of my line of sight as quickly as i can, because I’m here to do two things: tell my story so maybe it can help someone suffering, and create.

Now, if someone is not stirring up trouble but it’s pretty clear they’re embellishing on their existing experiences because it makes them feel important or needed or a part of something larger than themselves, I really just let them be.

I’m not here to be the truth police. As long as I’m telling mine, I’m okay. I can’t let another person’s decision to fake their life make me angry. If anything, it makes me sad. :(

Thank you, by the way, for reminding me that this is not an assignment. I’m not getting graded. And you’re right. When I’m ready, the words will come. I appreciate the reminder, because i was feeling guilty. and i don’t need to. xoxo

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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