OK, no offense but it’s almost 2am here and this was a little beyond my 2am attention span…however, I found the part I did read compelling enough that I was moved to comment on it.

(Did I mention it’s 2am?)

From a 45 year-old woman who, from 1986-2009, jumped from long term relationship to long term relationship to marriage with kids to the cruelest divorce ever, thus marking my first time single since I turned 16, I just want to cheer you on (not that you need it)…my entire life, I was following some boy.

it is no way to live. I got single and realized I had no identity of my own. That Julia Roberts Runaway Bride shit is for real.

I’ve now been single (literally, I dont even date) for 9 years, and I do sometimes worry about dying alone, because I have exactly ZERO desire to spend one second reassuring some man or stroking his fragile ego or washing his socks. So that, I guess, is what friends are for.

Finding you before the cat eats your eyeballs.

My point is I did it backwards. i should have stayed single while i developed into a whole person and dated after that.

Hindsight, huh? I’m glad you realized what you had been compromising of yourself at some man’s side, while you still had time to self-correct.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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