Oh, ABSOLUTELY. For sure. I haven’t had time to check out the link, but i will. As an addict in recovery I can tell you that though I put very little stock in God with a capital G, I think that Alcoholics Anonymous got quite a bit right way back in the 1930s. By their philosophy, the disease is twofold- body and mind. Body being the ‘disease’ part, and why when people compare addiction to diabetes, they aren’t as far off as one might think. We can keep the body part well by following certain instructions-just as a diabetic can manage his disease by watching diet, exercise, etc.

But with addicts, though those things are definitely important for overall health, the biggie is keeping the mind healthy. And numero uno in that process is admitting what we are, what we did, doing what we can to mend the damage we caused, and then GOING FORWARD, don’t do anymore damage. Because we are human, we will…but now we deal with it immediately. We are supposed to look at our own actions, never put the blame on others (sometimes others are definitely at fault, but that is for them to deal with, it’s none of our business). What i think it boils down to is letting people be who they are, realizing we don’t control anyone else’s anything, but that we ARE solely responsible for OUR everything. So we love someone sick, but we learn that we are not enmeshed with that person. We can help him without it making us sick too. That is a gift not many know how to give in this day and age. It’s either cut the person completely out of your life because he messed up so badly, or keep him in and end up completely wrapped up in his bad choices and consequences with a vested interest in things we have no say in.

My point is, it’s not always the fault of an addict that the addiction happened. But it is absolutely the responsibility of the addict to seek help and follow the path to recovery, no one else can make that happen. I just get so angry when people are quick to dismiss all addicts as weak losers and wash their hands of the problem. Because i’m sorry, with an epidemic this massive and destructive, addiction is EVERYONE’S problem.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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