Naaaa…he was a crackhead. Who kept leaving home without his insulin and disappearing for 3 or 4 days, usually with all of my money, scaring the shit out of all of us and inevitably ending up in the ICU with a blood sugar in the 5-700s. How he lived is a true medical mystery and less than beautiful.

Ex boyfriend. I should have qualified that. Not the father of my children.

He’s my McGrath boyfriend, uncle of buddy ( see my story titled Losing Buddy or either of the The Goods are Odd stories I wrote --part one and part two. I’m still gathering the guts to write part 3, which is when the DEA swooped in with their Black Hawks and I had my ass beaten to a pulp by a wanna be prophet in front of my nieces and nephew.)

Btw is your name really ASA???

Because I think that is the most BEAUTIFUL NAME.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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