Naa. You will probably never be comfortable with this group of mommies.

You shouldn’t want to. They sound like assholes.

If you were here, you could be friends with me and we could give the bitchy perfect mom robots the finger together.

I’m not young, I’m pretty old. But when my narcissistic ex and I divorced 9 years ago, he made sure the other parents knew I was an addict in recovery (cept he conveniently left out the recovery part) and until 2 years ago when I met my sons best friends mom, not a single parent at school or anywhere else spoke to me.

They all treat my kids’ stepmom like she’s the mom and I’m just the unfortunate obstacle that wont go away. Teachers too. I finally stopped going to joint parent conferences with them because when I go alone, at least they are forced to acknowledge me.

It hurts. More than I let on, for sure.

But its what had to happen to get me away from that man who cut me off from the world and tormented me, and its the reason my kids get to escape his twisted (and oh so secret) insanity 50% of their lives.

And I get to be the parent I want to be. When it comes to my kids, I don’t justify my actions to ANYONE.

My one regret was choosing to abstain from dating until they grew up. My son won’t graduate for 6 more years. I’ll be 51 then. My fun years, the ones where I could easily adapt to living with another adult, and learn to share, will be behind me. I’ll probably die alone.

And financially raising my kids on my own has been devastating.

You should not assume there is no one out there who will want a young woman with a kid. You are young to be so cynical! Believe me, I know its tricky. Especially if your child has special needs, though your daughter sounds like she would rank on the easier end of accepting your choice to partner up.

Just don’t close your heart to the possibility, ok? Alone is hard, and kids grow up FAST. You will be amazed how fast 18 years go by. Then, poof. The reason you never had time to do anything but parent is gone.

Then what?

Anyway, good luck. You’ll do great. In the meantime, give those judgy mcjudgersons a big ol'


from me.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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