Last year, when everyone was in an uproar about the “HUGE INFLUX” of Syrian Refugees (and the undercover ISIS among them, of course) who were going to pour into the States with their hands out and bankrupt our financially fruitful nation, devouring everything and leaving nothing but our bleached bones in their wake (I hope you are catching my sarcasm), I wrote this and never did more than save it to my drive, but I feel like it sort of fits this situation, so thanks!


We’re focused on the wrong problem. ISIS is a horrible, destructive manifestation of human evil, but going head to head to destroy ISIS is not going to cure what ails humanity.

Because evil is not a religion. It’s not a location, or an ethnicity, or a group. We can’t keep it out, and we can’t destroy it. Evil is a corrosion of the spirit. It’s an infection of humanity. It is hatred, and fear, and revenge.
It’s having a billion dollars in the bank when children are starving in the very city in which you live. It’s donating enough to charity to get a tax break and a number to drop into casual conversation, but making sure you keep enough that your fortune continues to grow.
It’s embracing capitalistic philosophy and not tempering it with a sense of fair play.
We hold tight to our belief that if we don’t let them in, we’ll be keeping them out. And if we can keep them out, we can’t be infected by them. We lump them all together as one entity, without names, or ages, or stories and we tell ourselves that what has happened to them won’t happen to us. We forget that at any time, our nation could find itself in a similar situation. It might not be a radical extremist group that beheads innocent civilians. Perhaps another Hurricaine Katrina, but on a grander scale. Hundreds of thousands of homes swept away, an entire region of the continent we call home leveled by water and wind and now who’s displaced?

We know how our friends expect us to respond to the threat posed by terrorists and how they expect us to balance that with our sense of decency and inarguable belief that children should never be ignored or denied when they’re in need. So we tell them what they want to hear. We hold fast to our position on the subject, no matter what anyone says to refute our stance, regardless of whether the comment has merit or not. We leave logic behind and who cares if the other person has a valid point?

We buy into this idea that the enemy is coming, and we must protect ourselves at all costs. Lock and load, sleep with your 38 under the pillow, send the FUCKING TROOPS, a whole new generation of children to right the wrongs from the front lines, collateral damage, risk the few to save the many, destroy the evil before it has the chance to invade our soil.

Blame the dark guy. Blame the deity. Erect another Great Wall to keep them out!

But walls would only keep them in. Because the enemy lives in our mirrors.

and we can’t see that.

THAT is the problem.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.