Jonas, you know I love you, but I felt I had to step in here, as someone who has lost it all before, and remind you how pathetically little society is actually willing to do to help a person crawl up out of that deep a pit. When you read about housing assistance, consider that if you have NOTHING, you don’t qualify. Some metropolitan areas have limited “free” options for indigent or chronically inebriated people, but those options have waiting lists YEARS long. Where I live, “assisted” housing runs you 1400 dollars a month for a 3 bedroom (if you, God Forbid, have children who are homeless, too.). You may be able to find a studio apartment in the rough part of town for 6 or 7 hundred, but THAT IS STILL 6 OR 7 HUNDRED DOLLARS A MONTH! Quite a sum when what you have is currently ZERO.

I don’t care who you pray to, he isn’t paying your rent.

I think it’s a Maslow thing that people who have don’t get about people who don’t.

We want to think that if a person is spiritually fit, or has faith that good things will happen, that person can make good things happen.

That person is in survival mode. Spirituality for most is on a higher level on the hierarchy of needs. This woman is on the bottom floor-food, shelter, clothing, personal safety. And she currently isn’t even meeting those.

If she has no one, in this country, she pretty much has no chance.

If I hadn’t had a mother who could scrape together rent for me long enough to get my foot in the door back then, I wouldn’t have my home (which is still hella meager) or my kids or my job and I would still be out there-because there would be nowhere else to go-and I honestly don’t know how I would feel about God.

Just my two.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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