Interesting (again) that you’ve been thinking about this more today. I have too, in a different direction but I was planning to bring it to you tonight.

About racism…

what scares me — like really, really scares me — is not so much those loud, hateful racist types who have no shame about their bigotry.

Those you can see coming from a hundred miles away. They’re almost a joke anymore.

What scares me is the racism that hides in “good” people’s hearts. That little place inside of people like my mother, who anyone would tell you is the KINDEST, MOST OBVIOUS EXAMPLE OF DO UNTO OTHERS THEY KNOW, when I know that she’s SO angry about so many things, and she blames those things on our President, and she bases that blame on the color of his skin.

and I think that’s more prevalent with people of her age than we realize. Both of my parents raised me in a house tainted, however faintly (not always that faint, tho), with “white people are superior”itis.

Luckily, we moved to maybe the most diversity-friendly city in the country when I was ten, so a lot of that was undone just by immersion into local culture.

Of course, as soon as we lived somewhere it wasn’t acceptable to just be overtly racist, I think a lot of folks just moved their feelings underground and hid them away, where they only bubbled up during things like football games and voting days.

But I just wanted to shout out to invisible things, which are more powerful than most people give them credit for.

anyone out there who secretly feels any certain crappy way about race,


I promise.

So let’s squash the poison from the inside out, and ACTUALLY raise our kids in tolerant households. Not just talk about doing it.


I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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