I’m confused as to WHY you are so concerned with whether or not I am unfairly, I don’t know, PICKING on poor Donald Trump? You say I am ranting; I am not. The first part of my response that disappeared discussed my thoughts on any reasonable acts Mr. Trump is responsible for while in the White House. I do not condemn the man because of who he is, I condemn his actions because of what he does. And that means that I will support fair and equitable, unifying actions from his post (even unpopular actions, if they serve the greater good), and I will hold him accountable for and publicly address the reckless, potentially dangerous, invalid or unsubstantiated polarizing lies he tells (even if he is applauded for them).

Next, you wonder if I was equally vigilant in demanding Clinton and Obama be held accountable for their decisions as well.

Here’s the thing. The reason I am so freaking irritated with you. You have AGREED with me through THREE iterations of this message. Agreed, followed by “But, what about…”

I have answered you TWICE (after my first response). I have indulged your prodding and further explained my point of view, only to be met with yet another, “Yeah, you’re right, BUT WHAT ABOUT…”

Well. I was obviously NOT talking about …

I can’t talk about EVERYTHING in one conversation. This conversation was about Donald Trump.

To answer your LATEST challenge, Monica Lewinsky and I were both born July 23, 1973. So, even though I was just a whippersnapper when she and the president didn’t have sex, the scandal got my attention. And, yes. I didn’t care much for politics (and I STILL DON’T, BUT I KEEP MY EYES OPEN), and mostly paid attention to the drama, and I was horrified by his actions. I am only recently learning more about his politics, and I think he did some good things for this country and I think he did some bad.

Obama as well. Although, I think the point you make about race relations deteriorating during his tenure is misplaced. I think the damage had much to do with the color of his skin, which is, pardon my language, ALL KINDS OF FUCKED UP and nothing he could help. I think there was a large portion of the country that automatically hated him because he was a black man, period. and a bunch of those guys were in the Congress and the House.

However, the mistakes Obama made financially; the unbalanced economic stim package, the resulting crashing economy…yes, I absolutely hold him accountable for many of the hardships americans are enduring…to an extent. No single president can truly be accountable for all of the bad or all of the good. Term limits prevent a long enough span of time to affect real change. all presidents inherit the sins of their predecessor.

and i’m sure Trump will, too. but my biggest problem with him as president (other than the CONSTANT PREVARICATING) is that he doesn’t understand how our government is SUPPOSED to work. He’s shown that shortcoming on several occasions. I believe that he will be very invested and involved in things that play to his strengths (infrastructure, primarily, because “he knows a little about construction”) and that he will rely on the advice of others regarding his weaknesses. And then, who, pray tell, will really be steering us into tomorrow? and for what reasons?

I have addressed your questions now 3 times beyond my initial response. If you are still unsatisfied with my personal feelings on the subject, I am just going to have to leave you that way. Sorry. I was done a long time ago. Now I’m just worn out having to revisit this over, and over, and over with you.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.