I totally understand not wanting to READ content written like that, but unfortunately (for our sensibilities), or fortunately (for our liberties) some sense of order and some semblance of understanding of the English (or whatever other) language is not required for one to be permitted to throw one’s hat into the writing ring. Luckily (for our liberties, again), unlike in school where we were graded on the material, here we can choose not to read material written by people who write like they are 11 and jotting down very awkward fanfic pieces about their favorite shows…

I totally understand what Kindra J. Ferriabough meant by nothing being true anymore. I feel that way all the time; or like nothing is real, or reliable, or enduring. Like the rules (governing EVERYTHING) are fluid and ever changing but still, we’re supposed to be able to follow them. The collapse of the English language rules I was taught to adhere to completely and totally (something I excelled at, after all. and something I could count on in a world where I couldn’t count on ANYTHING…the rules, were the rules, were the rules) was very difficult for me to accept. Eventually I did, though. Accept it, I mean. I think it was when I started writing personal stories and I found that they were hard to relate to when I wrote properly. I found it important to write as though I were having an intimate conversation with a very dear friend and THAT did not lend itself well to conventional grammar and vocabulary rules.

I also realized, at that time, that I enjoyed reading material written without all of the formality. But I still hated to read lazy work; misspellings, unimaginative verbiage, passive voice, crazy changes in person and tense (though when executed well, both can enhance a piece, and I appreciate and strive to improve each of those conventions in my own writing), incorrect uses of homonyms, etc.

So I find I agree-it’s important to write something readable, if one wants to be read. But I am also glad that Medium is inclusive, rather than exclusive, so that there is a place for those who just NEED to write it down, poorly or not, without fear of judgment or consequence.

Although if you try, you can find both of those here too. Which kind of sucks.

Ah, well. Gotta take the bad with the good, I guess.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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