I really believe that most of DC is suffering from a personality disorder. I’m not exaggerating, either. My father was a narcissist who could have rivaled 45, and my ex-husband is of the covert variety-passive aggressive to the extreme, so I’ve lived through this shit before and in order to rise through the political ranks to a national post (mostly speaking of Senate, House, and Supreme Court here), one basically HAS to possess a larger than average helping of narcissistic personality traits.

The narcissism alone is not the reason I think our accident of a president is not fit for his job. It’s the narcissism coupled with the abject ignorance and stupidity that places him firmly in the DNR group. I would bet every cent I have that he’s not the first or the last narcissistic president. At least the rest knew enough to try and SEEM presidential.

I seriously want to step on his neck and never step off of it.

Since I’m not tweeting, no chance I have to worry he might consider that a threat.

You’re definitely not wrong about him, though.

I smelled him coming back in '16:

I think he hits every, single marker for the disorder. That’s HARD to do.

See? He doesn’t suck at EVERYTHING.

We are screwed, though, because what he really is is a symptom of our twisted political system at large. By the time a politician makes his (her) way to the inner circle in Washington, s/he is so far removed from the reality of most average Americans, there is no way in hell the average American can be fairly represented in the making of any decision about anything. Until we tear it apart and rebuild it differently, the only way this is going to go is down.

We think Trump is our bottom, but we haven’t even finished digging yet.

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