I know, Heath. But I truly believe that if we are to change the underlying structure of humanity — that is, if we are to systemically rebuild cultural attitudes and norms, without the gender stereotypes and associated behaviors that are so deeply ingrained in our generation and the ones that came before it,

then this is the way. We’ve gone big; formed movements speaking out against the abject patriarchal flavor that permeates everything; we’ve tried education, and retraining, and hoping for common sense, and none of that has moved the dial more than a degree or two.

We’ve gone big, and the reason it has failed is because no matter what “big message” we’re sending to today’s kids, if they’re going home to a household that, either overtly or covertly, promotes sexism, and racism, and fear and hatred towards those we think are different than we are…

The message they are receiving at home basically disintegrates the ‘big message’ . It’s constant in-person modeling, that oftentimes the parent doesn’t even realize is happening. Because that’s just how things were when the parent was growing up.

So our ‘big message’ has been aimed at the wrong demographic. because once this generation’s kids are entering the workforce, and having children, and adulting, we’ve failed.

It’s up to us parents to rewire OURSELVES first, so that what we’re passing on to our children is our truth, and not just lip service because we KNOW it should be a certain way, even though we can’t completely reconcile ourselves to living that way…

our kids notice when our words and actions don’t match up. so we need to make sure that they do, by allowing ourselves to be taught.

But, yes…it was horrible to see.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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