I hope i’m not not supposed to say his name, like Voldemort…that reworking of his masterpiece was spot on, I laughed my ass off…but now I’m thinking about his stupid statement again…

(I mean, honest to God, I cannot believe his statement was for real. Really? He really thinks that the reason whipping his dick out (even though he asked permission first) traumatized those women is because THEY ADMIRED HIM?
Um, no, dude. I’m pretty sure they “whatever the opposite of admired is” you. You UNBELIEVABLY CLUELESS FUCKING FREAK.)

Anyway, I opened up my Slacker acct this morning and went to Explicit Comedy, like i do every morning to keep from slitting my wrists while I mine endless rows of data, and I was greeted by this image:

Friday when I left work, LCK had been the face of explicit comedy for as long as I’ve been using the site. He was first in the “comedy by …such as…” line up description.

At first the reason didn’t occur to me. It was HIGH TIME for some remodeling and I just figured that was the deal. But, NOOOO. He’s been completely scrubbed from the site.

Dude is toast. Us women need to send that “Sorry, not sorry…without actually saying the word sorry and way overusing the word I” piece of unrepentant garbage back with a do over note at the bottom.

We need to invite him to submit another amends in 12 months.

Once he’s lost his television shows, and his validity, and his dignity, and all of that admiration he seems to be stuck on…

Once he gets used to being judged by every person who recognizes him, and he’s had to start dressing down and hiding who he really is to avoid unwanted attention…

Once he has a few months of feeling worthless, and hopeless, and victimized (because don’t you know he’s already going there)…once he has walked a mile in shoes we women have worn since we were born,

Let’s see if by then he’s actually figured out why what he did was damaging, and lasting, and criminal.

Because right now, he doesn’t actually believe any of that is true.
Right now, he is totally without personal insight.

Also, he’s a douche bag.

Sorry, I got rant-y. g’nite!

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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