I hearted this because I want to acknowledge the validity of your statement, but I want to be clear, I do not like it. It makes me so sad, and ashamed of my home. I don’t know any other home; I’ve never been out of the country. And I really don’t have the means to change that. So I will get busy changing what I can change here.

You know, people used to come here because this was supposed to be the land of opportunity. The place where every person had an equal shot at making a good life for themselves.

Do you know what I think happened? People started doing just that. And instead of allowing everyone the freedom to own a piece of the pie, certain people (mostly white dudes. sorry, white dudes. it’s hard to refute) saw just the whole pie; what they considered THEIR pie, and people were taking bigger pieces than the white dudes had anticipated. Of THEIR pie! So really, it was America working exactly the way it was designed to work that they didn’t like. And they’ve been shoving everyone else down and stepping on their necks ever since. Lobsters in a pot. It’s disgusting. Don’t they realize that our nation prospers when EVERYONE prospers? Maybe NO ONE NEEDS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS.

What the HELL does someone need that kind of money or power for? While people are starving and living in the streets. Greed is an ugly monster. And so is envy. They’re jealous of the help received by the downtrodden. They don’t NEED it, but why should that person get “perks” not available to them? They have the money, and the power, and still it isn’t enough. They won’t be satisfied until the government stops helping those who have no money or power. No one helped THEM, after all.

Yeah. Sure they didn’t.

The homeless man begging on the street for food 8 hours a day after sleeping outside and trying to keep warm, who has nowhere comfortable to take a break and must remain ever-vigilant to avoid being assaulted, works no less hard than a real estate mogul in a cushy high rise with his name on the front.

And yet, the return for the man at the top is astronomically greater.

It’s sickening how selfish we are.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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