I don’t disagree with the main points of this article but I think you left out a crucial point regarding Senator Warren--

and seriously it makes me want to smack her for giving this topic any attention at all. (not literally. but damn, Liz!)

Elizabeth Warren checked the box marked minority, in her Harvard Law application, referencing her “Native American" roots. And because she is not a member of a federally recognized tribe, marking that box was dishonest. She did it to give herself an advantage, and although in the world of lies this one was teeny tiny (in her mind, I’m sure), her decision may have cost a legitimate minority applicant their spot. Now, the Cherokee tribe is surprisingly welcoming to new members, compared to many other tribes. It doesn’t have a blood quantum minimum for admittance; all you have to do is demonstrate that you can trace your ancestry to someone on the rolls. That’s pretty charitable of them, I think.

Clearly, Warren has been unable to do this, even with all the resources at her disposal. And if the link were there, she would find it. If my Aunt Lois could do it, pre-internet, Elizabeth Warren should have no problem.

I despise Donald Trump. I regularly fantasize attending his widely broadcast funeral. I think he is evil through and through.

And I have always looked up to Senator Warren, as a Democrat, and as a woman, and as a feminist. And I don’t expect people to be raked over the coals for dumb decisions they made decades ago. Not Kavanaugh, or Trump. And not Warren. And if she had just left this back there, it wouldn’t faze me…people grow up.

Well…not Kavanaugh, or Trump. Which is why I have a problem with the positions they’re in now.

And by forcing this issue, and showing no remorse for what was essentially fraud (fraud that paid off big), and instead doubling down on her choice to mark that box, in my eyes she is not taking the high road, but instead achieving moral equivalence with those jackasses…

so my heart is a little broken, because I think this is enough to shatter her chance of being a contender in 2020.

And it’s a damned shame.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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