God Bless you, Patricia Naomi. I’m in an online class and can’t take the time to write what I wanted to write but a lot of it corresponds to what you’ve written here. And I’M ON LUNCH NOW even though it’s only 8am my time (oh yay Ontario, where it’s noon and my instructor is taking lunch)

I wasn’t going to write it to Jennifer, though. I don’t think (for me) that addressing her publicly can have any further benefit as she is currently in a state of self-defense. And I can’t blame her.

My dear friends here, I think we can maybe drop this now. All that needed to be said has been said. There is no need to keep on the offensive. If you donated money and feel taken advantage of, I’ve provided (along with Anna) information that will help you address that. If you just feel like you were betrayed, and you’ve not yet directly addressed Jennifer, you can do so via GoFundMe. If you’re not directly addressing Jennifer and just want to talk about her, please, discuss it via email. It is hurting more members than just Jennifer by continuing to be rehashed. Tre has left the platform indefinitely for now. I do not know when she will return.

I do not feel like she lied so much as lied by omission. I still very much believe she was a victim of assault and abuse; I never doubted that. I was much more concerned about the addict mentality and her potential for relapsing, because it is something that I understand. Some of her actions were definitely less than rigorously honest, but I believe she was actively trying to transcend her past. Look at her past! That is going to require a lot of transcendence and she’s not going to do it perfectly.

We are none of us perfect, but we can try to be examples of the power of forgiveness and tolerance and patience and remember that we should all be given the room to be human and screw up and still be worthy of love and kindness.

If it were me, I hope that you would not be so quick to brand me a bad person. I was always taught that you should label the action bad, but the person human.

❤ Peace

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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