Ezinne Ukoha I am so totally late to this party! I have been solely Mediuming on my cellphone since yesterday morning and it wouldn’t let me comment and I almost threw it out the window because I was desperate to chime in.

But I am only echoing prior sentiments now:

Medium got this SOOOO right. Since I arrived on the platform, there has not been another writer who has taught me more than you have.

So I would like to congratulate Medium on their luck. You chose this to be a platform for your words of wisdom, and the benefit is theirs. And mine. And all of ours.

You earned this, and deserve much more.

Don’t ever stop shouting truth from the rooftops. ☺ xoxo

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.