Exactly what i needed, GOD THANK YOU FOR THIS.


Coincidentally, Jeff, the ASSHOLE NARCISSIST WHO NEARLY DESTROYED ME, during the last couple of months of our whatthefuckeveritwas bullshit, was also teaching himself to draw. In fact, knowing what I know now about his gargantuan, incredibly fragile ego, I want to kick myself because in a moment of vulnerability wait no snakes don’t do vulnerable…a moment of stupidity, then…he texted me his first attempt. I think it was his hand or something. He made me SWEAR TO GOD I WOULD DELETE IT IMMEDIATELY BECAUSE NO ONE CAN EVER KNOW ABOUT THIS and it was pretty hideous, and I deleted it…


Because a couple of months after he totally ran me over with spiked tires and then backed up over me again, he posted his most RECENT attempt, along with a fake-awshucks bullshit comment that sounded like poking fun at himself but REALLY was bowling for ego strokes.

Which he got. Because the motherfucker TAUGHT HIMSELF TO FUCKING DRAW.

There never was anything he couldn’t figure out. I hate him.

if i could have commented with the picture of his deformed fucking hand it would have been such a beautiful moment. He may have actually dropped dead from humiliation. I fantasized about it.

so back to you. i’m glad you still can’t draw. because i don’t want there to be anything about you that reminds me of that oily, smarmy, lyingpieceofratshit. ❤

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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