Dude. You are close-minded, and clearly wildly uninformed. I don’t know why “she” ended up taking oxy, but I do know (because VERIFIED AND VETTED DATA, you should try it sometime) that a large percentage of opiate addicts started out because a doctor prescribed them for legitimate reasons, and then continued to prescribe them long after those reasons should have been resolved.

Opiates are, when taken AS PRESCRIBED, highly physically addictive even when they have only been used regularly for a short time. Taken as directed, only a rare person would be able to escape even a single prescription without developing a physical dependence on the drugs.

The medical community has been getting people hooked for decades, and as soon as the addiction threatens to be a bothersome one, cutting them off cold-turkey and leaving them in painful, miserable states of withdrawl with no options offering relief. So an addict is born. One that more than likely pays taxes just like you.

Not your problem, I know. It could obviously never happen to someone like you.

Oh, wait. What about my dad? Never took a pill that wasn’t prescribed, never took a prescribed pill in any way other than what the directions said to. Fought for this country--for YOU-- and hurt his back. Paid taxes from 16 years of age until the day he died--17 back surgeries later, of a drug overdose caused by taking his two prescribed meds together and going to bed and having resulting suppressed respiration severe enough his body couldn’t muster the strength to draw even an involuntary breath.

Yeah. My dad was probably a lot like you. Until last March

Then, he just wasn’t.

Screw you for thinking you are so much better than a guy like him.

May you never have to know and understand just how insidious this disease can be.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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