Did you even read my whole response?

This is not a behavior limited by gender, it’s true. There are predatory women who engage in the same unwanted behavior, and I don’t excuse them. And anyone who babbles nonsense about the hot female teacher sleeping with her student being some sort of ideal to which young boys should strive is disturbed. It’s no different than an adult male teacher sleeping with an underage female-illegal and it should be prosecuted.

Statistics, as well as societal standards tell me that the above behavior occurs more frequently male to female. I do not make the case that it is completely one sided. I don’t once claim that women have a monopoly on being victimized or discriminated against.

Men have unique challenges. They are expected to be strong. Men are expected to be tough. They are the defenders, of the home, of the country.

Men have the right to a voice. They have just as much right to rail against unfairness and injustice based on their gender as women do. They just don’t have the right to dismiss the female experience in the same breath.

Most of these arguments I witness come down to a man inserting himself into a discussion about the injustices that come with existing as a woman and claiming the female perspective is a falsehood, and the reason is almost always “that’s not true because this or this or that is happening to men so fuck you”, and THAT IS NOT THE POINT.

I do not assert that men don’t have a whole slew of things to deal with that women may not.

I only assert that the two discussions are not either/or. The female perspective can be relevant and valid WITHOUT negating the male perspective. But as long as men continue burglarizing the female platform and using it to try and invalidate women, it will be very difficult to get women to step back and listen.

Try starting your own discussion about the problems facing men today (including how women may be contributing to them but WITHOUT blanket statements about women being liars, or mistaken about their own life experiences) and have a discussion around THAT and maybe something positive can come of it.

If we would act as guests in each other’s lives instead of trying to take over maybe everyone would learn something.

I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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