My brain this morning, upon opening my morning edition. My body was under an electric blanket., so…

Ev. Can I call you Ev?

Last night, I decided to check my email, just on the off chance I had received “the email”. My hopes weren’t high, as I have not spent much time on Medium these past couple of months. I was surprised to find out it was sent a couple of days ago, so I opened it up.
To be frank, I did not intend to sign up at first. But I had read several pieces that referenced layout. Medium’s layout has been the most frustrating part of the platform for me, and as my life has grown increasingly busy, I’ve found that my resolve to hunt down work from the people I most enjoy reading has experienced an inversely proportional effect. As in, I was on my way out of here, because regardless of why I arrived here, my experience has become about relationships, not life hacks and listicles. And while I place great importance on reading a wide variety of work by many creatives, and make a point to scour this place for new favorites to dive into…at the end of the day, if I can’t find any of my tribe here, the thrill is gone.

(Let’s just stop for a minute and appreciate some live BB King. Because if I have to have it in my head all day, so do allayou…)

Though if I had to pick an artist to live forever in my head, this wouldn’t be a bad choice…damn. And let’s not forget Clapton on guitar…Cray…Vaughan…bc, you know…they just jammed like that.

My Part

I’m big on accountability, and I figured if you guys were offering a solution, and I was refusing to at least attempt to find out if it solved my issues with the platform, then I would have no one to blame but myself if it turned out to be amazing and I totally missed it. And there’s no fun in self-blame. Other-blaming, that’s where all the cool kids sit.
So, I bit the bullet, and waited for the lightening strike.

It was nothing so dramatic as this. Mostly I just went to bed, and then woke up again.

And I Woke Up to a Friggin’ Reunion!

Hey, you guys! Long time no see!

Heath Houston was in the house, totally not smoking a doob with the Quintessential Matt Querzoli on my mom’s new couch. Ezinne Ukoha and Classical Sass had the bass pumping so hard the neighbors threatened to call the cops, and I think Sass may have puked in one of the plants. But it’s okay, that’s family. I felt kind of bad for alto, though. Since he recently lost his dad, too, I may have kind of unloaded some pretty heavy missing my dad stuff and probably harshed his buzz. Sorry, dude! Somehow, that girl is ALWAYS at the party.

All in all, a great way to wake up.

So, Thank You, Ev

This Medium felt worth it, to me, today.




I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, but I know I want it to be spelled right and punctuated correctly. I guess that’s something.

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